Venhuizen – Dutch Masters

For Venhuizen Groep, we are building a new identity online and shaping modern entrepreneurship. Within a compact team, creativity is given the space to deliver maximum customization. Venhuizen and NetWorkers is a great match! Since 1992, Venhuizen has been designing, developing and building homes, utility buildings, interior projects, custom furniture and high-quality prefab elements. Willem […]

Re-Imagning Work

Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft, imagines what might be possible if more organisations embraced the full, empowering potential of technology & encouraged an open, collaborative & flexible working culture

Digital Retail

The world of Retail has been under high pressure for years! Existing formulas make the switch to online concepts, each in their own way. Not without consequences, because who follows the right course at the right time? At what cost and effort are goals achieved? Or is the course radically adjusted in the meantime! Online Retail is an innovation and a multidisciplinary process that fits NetWorkers. Please contact us for a free meet-up! 🙂  FREE BOOKING

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Multifunctional network

Within NetWorkers we have various disciplines available. For each question, there is a right specialist. If necessary, with experience in your industry or in your area. Solo or as a multidisciplinary team? We tackle your project and go for the best result. Yes They Do

Team of experienced specialists

At NetWorkers we provide experienced specialists. People… who want to excel in various professional projects. Independently or in a wider team, that doesn’t matter. As long as they can communicate directly and without bureaucratic hassle. Also for them that gives so much more. Yes They Do! Free consult? Book NOW!